Smart playlists
Create playlists from a map, tags, or using smart playmodes that can automatically detect your mood.
Collection visualization
Browse your collection using the unique map view that arranges your albums according to similarity.
Gapless and more...
Browse your music by artist, albums and genres, and profit from gapless playback, automatic cover downloads, scrobbling, shake controls, and so on!
It's all free
Yes, jukefox is free and does not come with ads! Moreover, once your library is imported the core functionality is provided in offline mode and will thus not affect your phone bill.

jukefox is ...

... an Android mobile application designed to change your music experience. At the first glance, it looks like an ordinary music player. A closer inspection, however, reveals some striking differences. jukefox is based on the revolutionary concept of a music similarity map that facilitates some entirely new ways to interact with your music collection.

This is the "pandora" for your mp3's. So far so good ... definitely spreading the word on this one ...
Market comment by Rick

jukefox was developed as part of an ongoing research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). The project investigates various ways to derive music similarity information and aims at making this information available to the end user. Read more about the basic concepts and interfaces.