Jukefox - Don't Get Lost in Music

Do you own several gigabytes of music? Then you have probably noticed that traditional list based approaches to access your collection have reached their limits. Isn't it hard to keep an overview by browsing alphabetic artist or album lists? And isn't it extremely cumbersome to manually label each and every file to create genre playlists?

I have music from Jethro Tull to Katie Melua. With this player, I hear what I want for the moment without spending time on playlists. It's great.
Market comment by Chris

The waste majority of today's music players only supports music search by answering very specific queries, such as by matching keywords to meta data. However, often we cannot exactly articulate what we are looking for, either because we only have some fuzzy idea of what we want, or because we simply do not remember the name of a particular song, or artist. Rather than having a player that retrieves what you are querying, wouldn't you prefer a tool that tries to help you discovering music you are interested in?

This is exactly the spirit of jukefox. Jukefox is equipped with a unique music similarity map, which reflects various relationships within your music library and thus provides a core component to understand user intentions. Based on this powerful tool, jukefox experiments with novel ways to access a collection, as summarized in the following subsections.

Smart Shuffling - Playing Random Songs that Match your Mood

The popularity of the iPod shuffle device indicates that many users like to listen to music in completely random order. But wouldn't it be nice to have playmode that plays random songs, but only those that match your current mood?

Thanks for a great app, its nice to see how clever Smart Shuffle is. No more playlists required here.
Market comment by twitter.com/Androlute

The smart shuffle playmode of jukefox realizes exactly this idea. But how can it know about your current mood? This is fairly simple: If you skip a song, jukefox assumes that you currently do not want to listen to the corresponding kind of music. Similarly, a completely listened song indicates an approval to the corresponding music style. Using this information, jukefox tries to narrow down regions in the music similarity map that match your current mood, and selects songs only from such regions. So why should you spend half of your time skipping songs when there is a player that smartly shuffles your collection?

Play Similar Songs - Never Break the Harmony

Do you like iTunes Genius? If so, you will probably also like the similar song mode of jukefox. It allows you to just choose a single song, and then selects succeeding songs that fit its style.

Really unique music player. Love the ability to automatically play similar music. I'd pay for this app. Super clean look as well.
Market comment by Chris

To play similar songs, jukefox uses the music map to determine nearby songs. As this information is compactly stored on the device, no Internet connectivity is required, which is in contrast to most other applications that offer comparable functionality.

Tag Cloud - Select Precisely what You Want to Hear

How would you tell your player that you want to listen to happy music? Most likely you can't! The closest you typically get is by looking at your genre lists. However, research shows that genre lists have several shortcomings that limit their use to answer the users' music queries. In particular, they do not cover mood, people often disagree with the assigned information, and often only a single genre is assigned per track, which is not enough to adequately categorize music. It has been shown that social tags can overcome these issues. They provide a categorization along different directions and granularity levels that facilitates a precise selection of music.

this is a great app. the tagging feature had me hooked. the devs are pretty good with updating when necessary.
Market comment by rozena

jukefox does not only understand the concept of social tags, it also automatically categorizes all your music files according to the most relevant tags in the context of your collection. From the lists tab, just select the tag-cloud, and enjoy playlists that exactly match the criteria you want.

Music Map - Looking at Your Collection from a Bird's Perspective

Another famous interface for music access is cover flow, which provides an illusion of albums residing in a bookshelf. It thereby exploits cover art as a memorable visual cue that allows users to quickly recognize a certain album. However, in a typical bookshelf, albums are not ordered alphabetically, but rather the organization follows some sort of categorization, typically related to music similarity.

Spectacular. Great app, I love the mock cover flow & the 3d cover flow
Market comment by Hunter

The map interface of jukefox builds upon the idea of cover art as a recognizeable visual cue. However, rather than organizing albums in an alphabetic manner, it provides a 2-dimensional arrangement that reflects the relationships between albums. That is, albums that reside at similar locations in the map are supposed to contain similar music. On the one hand, this arrangement provides an intuitive way to browse and explore your collection, thereby allowing you to (re-)discover music that you have not been aware of. On the other hand, it facilitates the fast and simple creation of playlists that encompass exactly the desired style of music. Just mark a region on the map to select a bunch of albums containing similar music!