Get jukefox from Market (Recommended)

To install jukefox (beta) from the android market, either click on the download button below or scan the corresponding QR-code with your device. This is the recommended way to install jukefox, as you can profit from all the options from the market (automatic updates, comments, etc.).

Download jukefox from this Website

To install jukefox (beta) from this website either click on the download button below or scan the corresponding QR-code with your device. Note that you won't get automatic updates for applications downloaded from outside android market. For updates you will have to check this site regularly.

Please Read: After the Installation

At first start, a dialog will inform you that jukefox wants to connect to the Internet to import your music library. This import process is necessary to provide advanced browsing interfaces and smart playmodes that rely on music similarity information that is stored on our servers, and to download missing album covers. To start the import process, just confirm that your device is connected to the Internet and thus ready to proceed. Dependent on the size of your collection, the import might take a while and data volumes might be large (recall that jukefox is downloading album covers). We therefore advice you to use a fast and reliable connection for this process. Once the import has completed, all core features are available in offline mode!

Version History

  • v0.97193: Fixed sudden music stop bug
  • v0.9719: Several changes:
    • Added support of external playlists
    • Fixed battery-consumption-bug
    • Changed sleep time selection
    • Several minor bug fixes
  • v0.9716: Fixed annoying force close bugs:
  • v0.9713: Several changes:
    • Fixed bug in playlist open menu
    • Restricted install location to internal only because, moving the app to the sd card rendered the media buttons unusable.
  • v0.9712: Several changes:
    • Added delete/ignore song feature
    • Workaround for gapless playback for Android 2.3 devices (Android introduced a really nasty bug)
    • Enhanced battery saving
    • Fixed image processing bug
    • Fixed import bug
    • Fixed lockscreen
    • Fixed headphones/call behavior
  • v0.971: Several changes:
    • Fixed scrobbling using scrobbledroid
    • A lot of small bugfixes
  • v0.9635: Several changes:
    • Several small bugfixes
    • Widget should be more responsive
  • v0.9631: Several changes:
    • Several small bugfixes
    • Gapless playback bug fixed and gap is found automatically after a few played songs
    • Long click on artist in the list lets you see all songs
  • v0.962: Several changes:
    • Fixed import bugs
    • Improved handling of compilation albums (TCMP flag is read, album artist is read, manual grouping possible)
    • Added option to ignore headset controls
    • Fixed bug in playlist menu
  • v0.961: Several changes:
    • Import runs now in the background
    • Enhanced tag cloud playlist generation
    • General performance improvements
    • Saved playlists store position in playlist and song
    • Improved the in-app-help
    • Added some context menus in lists (long click)
    • Added Select all/none option in selecting track of an album
    • Added youtube live-video feature in song list
    • Fully usable landscape mode