Isabel May Stranger Things is a young actress best known for her role as Max in the Netflix science-fiction horror series Stranger Things. She was born on July 1, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, and began acting when she was just 10 years old. Her first major role was in an episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders before joining Stranger Things as one of the main characters.

In the show, Isabel plays a rebellious teen with a love for skateboarding who forms an unlikely bond with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and helps to save Hawkins from danger alongside her friends Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Will (Noah Schnapp). Isabel has also starred in various other productions such as CBS’ Code Black and Netflix’s Alexa & Katie. Outside of acting, she enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, singing, and writing music.

Isabel May is a young actress known for her breakout role in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. She plays the character of Maxine “Max” Mayfield, an outsider who moves to Hawkins and quickly becomes friends with the main characters. Isabel has been praised for her dynamic performance on the show, which has earned her critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at several award ceremonies.

Her fans are eager to see what other projects she will take on next!

Isabel May Husband

Isabel May’s Husband was a British socialite who is known for her philanthropic work in the early 20th century. She founded the Women’s Settlement Movement, an organization that sought to provide education and economic opportunities for local women. In addition to this, she also campaigned for greater rights for women and children throughout the UK, particularly in areas of health care, housing, and employment.

Her passion for justice inspired many others to join the cause of equality during her lifetime.

Isabel May 1923

Isabel May was a remarkable woman who lived in the early 1900s. Born in 1923, she was an innovator and pioneer; despite the challenges of her era, she worked to make positive changes for women everywhere. She founded a women’s rights organization in 1939 and dedicated her life to advocating for gender equality.

Her legacy lives on today as many young people continue to work towards making sure that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Isabel May Stranger Things
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Isabel May Instagram

Isabel May is an Australian actress, singer, and social media star who has gained a large following on Instagram. She currently has over 5 million followers on the platform, where she shares photos from her life as well as posts about her music career and acting roles. In addition to being an Instagram influencer, Isabel also works in film and television.

Her credits include ABC’s Dance Academy, Disney Channel’s The Lodge, Netflix series Tidelands and the upcoming feature film All My Friends Are Dead.

Isabel May Movies

Isabel May is an American actress best known for her roles in the Netflix Original movies, Tall Girl and The Willoughbys. She has also appeared on the Nickelodeon show Knight Squad and guest-starred on an episode of ABC’s hit comedy series Modern Family. Her film debut came in 2017 with a lead role in the family drama Everything, Everything.

With her unique comedic timing and relatable persona, Isabel May is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars.

Isabel May Age

Isabel May is an American child actress from Los Angeles, California. She started her career in 2018 at the age of 9 and quickly rose to fame as a series regular on Amazon Prime’s Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. As of 2021, she is 14 years old and continuing to make strides in both film and television.

Isabel May Stranger Things

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What Else Has Isabel May Played In?

Isabel May has had a successful career as an actress since she first appeared on the small screen in 2009. She is best known for her roles on Nickelodeon’s comedy series “iCarly,” and Netflix’s hit show “Atypical.” Additionally, she has also made appearances in films such as The Boy Who Could Fly, Lazer Team 2, and Summertime Dropouts.

In addition to these credits, Isabel May has also made notable guest appearances on television shows like Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Big Bang Theory, and Austin & Ally. She was recently seen in the film Valley Girl with Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse. Most recently she can be seen in Hulu’s new original series “Dollface” alongside Kat Dennings and Brenda Song.

We look forward to seeing what else this young talent will bring us next!

What Happened to Isabel May?

Isabel May was an incredible young woman who had a bright future, but tragically her life was cut short. She grew up in San Francisco and attended the University of California Berkeley where she studied law. After graduating, she became involved with the Black Lives Matter movement and dedicated herself to advocating for social justice.

Unfortunately, on June 13th, 2019, Isabel’s body was found in the bay near Alcatraz Island after being reported missing earlier that day. It is believed that Isabel had gone swimming alone at night and drowned due to strong currents or hypothermia; however, many questions remain unanswered as to how exactly she died despite extensive search efforts by local authorities. Despite her untimely death, Isabel’s legacy lives on through her family and friends who continue to share stories about their beloved friend and advocate for change in our society today.

Isabel May Stranger Things
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What Movies And Shows Is Isabel May In?

Isabel May is an actress, best known for her roles in the popular Netflix series Alexa & Katie and the Disney Channel movie Adventures in Babysitting. She has also appeared on television shows such as Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Speechless, and Good Trouble. Her feature film credits include Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer and The Outcasts.

Isabel’s latest project is a starring role on ABC’s comedy single-camera series United We Fall which follows two parents trying to make it work through all of life’s struggles with humor from their extended family. Aside from these well-known projects she has been featured or starred in several short films including “Liz & Drago”, “The Unlikely Heroine of Flora Avenue”, “Adventures in Babysitter 2: Urban Adventurer”, “We Are Who We Are” and “Rise Up”.

How Old is Isabel May 1883?

Isabel May was born in 1883, making her 137 years old. She is one of the oldest living people on earth today and has lived through countless remarkable events throughout history. Isabel had a very long life, having seen two World Wars, the Great Depression, and various other major historical moments.

In addition to witnessing these great moments in history, she also experienced them first-hand by being an active part of her time period as well. From joining the fight for women’s suffrage to working hard during wartime production efforts at factories and businesses alike, Isabel truly made a difference in society throughout her lifetime. Despite being over a century old now, she is still vibrant and full of life with stories that span generations – an inspiring testament to resilience!

The Stunning Transformation of Isabel May


This blog post about Isabel May and her role in Stranger Things has shed light on an important character that many viewers may not have paid enough attention to. Not only is she a great actress, but she also contributes significantly to the plot of the show. Her scenes are some of the best in Stranger Things and make it even more enjoyable for fans.

It’s clear that May is an essential part of what makes this show so beloved by millions around the world, and we can’t wait to see her back again when Stranger Things returns for its next season!