T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge is a pedestrian bridge in Richmond, Virginia. It spans the James River and is one of only two bridges of its type to cross the river. The bridge was dedicated on June 10th, 2017 in memory of Tyler Potterfield who tragically passed away earlier that year while exploring the nearby rapids.

The 1,600-foot-long bridge features five towers with lighting effects that create an illuminated archway over the river during night hours. This unique structure has become an iconic symbol for Richmond and serves as a reminder of Tyler’s adventurous spirit and love for his hometown city. It provides pedestrians with breathtaking views of downtown along with easy access between both sides of the river, allowing more people to explore this beautiful area.

The Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge is a pedestrian and bike bridge in Richmond, Virginia that spans the James River. Named after local cyclist and environmentalist Tyler Potterfield, this bridge provides an important connection between the city’s two opposing riverbanks. The bridge is more than just a physical link; it serves as an inspirational symbol for future generations of cyclists and environmentalists who strive to make our world a better place.

James River Walking Bridge Richmond, Va

The James River Walking Bridge in Richmond, Virginia spans 1,600 feet across the James River and offers stunning views of the city skyline from its elevated platform. The bridge was designed to be a pedestrian-friendly alternative to crossing the river by car or boat, allowing visitors to experience nature up close while taking in the breathtaking sights of the city. The bridge is also home to several public art installations and serves as an important link between downtown Richmond and its surrounding neighborhoods.

T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge
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Walking Bridge in Richmond, Va

The Walking Bridge in Richmond, VA is a stunning suspension bridge that connects two sides of the James River. Spanning 1,750 feet across the waterway, this bridge offers visitors and locals alike an incredible view of the city from its observation decks. Not only does it offer breathtaking views, but it’s also part of a popular walking trail with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a great place to take photos, the Walking Bridge in Richmond should definitely be on your list!

James River Bridge

The James River Bridge is a four-lane bridge located in Virginia that crosses the James River. It was built in 1928 and is considered an important transportation link between southeastern Virginia and Hampton Roads. The bridge has two different spans, one linking Newport News to Isle of Wight County and another connecting Surry County to Southampton County.

It offers beautiful views of the river during its drive across, making it a popular tourist destination as well.

T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge

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How Long is the Potterfield Bridge?

The Potterfield Bridge is located in Richmond, Virginia, and spans the James River. The bridge is approximately 1,600 feet long and 40 feet wide. It consists of eight piers that are supported by concrete footings resting on bedrock below the river’s surface.

At its highest point, it towers 127 feet above sea level. The four center arches span 300 feet each, making them some of the longest open-spandrel arch bridges in existence today! Potterfield Bridge also includes a pedestrian walkway for people to enjoy walking or jogging across the river with stunning views of downtown Richmond.

This beautiful bridge serves as an important transportation link between Downtown and Southside Richmond and was named after prominent local businessman J. Harwood Potterfield who donated money towards its construction back in 1974.

T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge
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How Many Bridges Cross the James River?

The James River, located in Virginia, is a historic waterway that has been crossed by numerous bridges over the centuries. In modern times, there are currently more than 20 bridges that span the river from Richmond to Hampton Roads. These include major highways such as I-95 and I-64 as well as local roads like Route 17 and Route 10.

The most iconic of these bridges is the Jamestown Bridge built in 1957 which connects Williamsburg to Surry County on the south side of the river. Other notable crossings include the John Tyler Memorial Bridge, connecting Charles City County with Prince George County, and High Rise Bridge near Newport News which carries US 17 over the James River into Portsmouth. There are also two railroad bridges – one operated by CSX Transportation carrying freight trains and another operated by Norfolk Southern Railway for passenger service – both crossing near downtown Richmond.

From dams to tunnels, ferries to cable cars – there are many ways people can cross this important American river today!

How Many Bridges Are in Richmond Virginia?

Richmond, Virginia is home to a number of beautiful bridges that add to the character of this historic city. There are currently eight major bridges in Richmond: The Robert E. Lee Bridge, Mayo Bridge, Manchester Bridge, 14th Street Bridge, Belvidere Street Bridge, Boulevard Bridge (also known as Hollywood Rapids), Powhite Parkway Extension, and Huguenot Memorial Bridge. All these bridges have been utilized since the 19th century and remain important connections for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic today.

The Robert E. Lee Bridge was built in 1934 to cross the James River and is one of Richmond’s most iconic landmarks due to its size and ornate design features such as gothic-inspired towers with decorative filigree work along the sides. The Mayo bridge was erected in 1911 over Shockoe Creek to connect downtown with Northside neighborhoods while the Manchester bridge opened two years later crossing into Southside near Osborne Turnpike Road.

T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge – RVA


The Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge serves as a reminder of the power and beauty of bridges, both figuratively and literally. It stands as an example of how innovation and resilience can come together to create something extraordinary. Not only has it become an important part of Richmond’s urban landscape, but its significance extends beyond the city limits to all who appreciate the importance of engineering and architecture in our lives.

The bridge is a tribute to Tyler Potterfield’s life-long dedication to creating functional artwork for everyone to enjoy, connecting people across time and space with their own memories.